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Penrose inquiry into infected blood

27 Mar 2015
Blood sample on bench Information for people affected by the issue of infected blood.
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Milk and dairy 'good for the brain' claim unproven

27 Mar 2015
"Three glasses of milk every day ‘helps prevent Alzheimer's and Parkinson's’," is the misleading headline in The Daily Telegraph. The study it reports on only found that a high-dairy diet was linked to increased levels of an antioxidant called glutathione.
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Frequent antibiotic use linked to higher type 2 diabetes risk

26 Mar 2015
"Repeated antibiotic use linked to diabetes," BBC News reports.
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New blood test could help prevent antibiotic misuse

20 Mar 2015
Blood test samples in laboratory "A new blood test can help doctors tease out whether an infection is caused by a bacteria or a virus within two hours," BBC News reports. The test, which looks at protein pathways in the blood, could help to appropriately target the use of both antibiotics and antivirals.
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Breastfed babies 'grow up to be brainier and richer'

19 Mar 2015
"Breastfed babies grow up smarter and richer, study shows," The Daily Telegraph reports. A study from Brazil that tracked participants for 30 years found a significant association between breastfeeding and higher IQ and income in later life.
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Could epilepsy drug help treat Alzheimer's disease?

18 Mar 2015
A drug commonly used to treat epilepsy could help "slow down" the progress of Alzheimer's disease, reports The Daily Express. According to the news story, the drug levetiracetam was shown to "help restore brain function and memory".
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Does light at night pose a health risk?

17 Mar 2015
Shining light of an iPad in the dark with social media icons showing "Britons should fit blackout blinds and ban electronic gadgets from the bedroom to avert the risk of diseases such as cancer," the Mail Online warns.
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Do people with depression perceive time differently?

16 Mar 2015
"How depression affects our sense of time: Hours drag on and even stand still," is the somewhat over-hyped headline from the Mail Online.
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Ebola risk remains low as medic flown home

13 Mar 2015
Ebola virus under microscope A UK military healthcare worker who was infected with Ebola in Sierra Leone has been flown home and is being treated at the Royal Free Hospital in London.
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Autism-related genes linked to cognitive ability

12 Mar 2015
Teenage boy with autism "Autism is linked to higher intelligence," the Mail Online reports. A new study found evidence that certain genetic variations associated with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) were linked to greater cognitive ability in non-autistic individuals.
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