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Media dementia scare over hay fever and sleep drugs

28 Jan 2015
stack of nespapers "Hay fever tablets raise risk of Alzheimer's," is the main front page news in the Daily Mirror. The Guardian mentions popular brand names such as Nytol, Benadryl, Ditropan and Piriton among the pills studied.
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People with autism have 'unique' brain patterns

27 Jan 2015
"The brains of people diagnosed with autism are 'uniquely synchronised'," the Mail Online reports.
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Angry Twitter communities linked to heart deaths

26 Jan 2015
"Angry tweeting 'could increase your risk of heart disease','' is the poorly reported headline in The Daily Telegraph. The study it reports on found there is a link between angry tweets and levels of heart disease deaths.
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Becoming healthier may motivate your partner to join in

21 Jan 2015
“Fitness 'rubs off on your partner’,'' BBC News reports.
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Shell shock remains 'unsolved'

20 Jan 2015
The Mail Online tells us shell shock has been "solved" after scientists claimed they have pinpointed the brain injury that causes pain, anxiety and breakdowns in soldiers.
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Wearing killer high heels could lead to osteoarthritis, study warns

19 Jan 2015
"Killer heels could lead to osteoarthritis in knees," The Daily Telegraph reports. An analysis of the walking patterns (gait) of 14 women found evidence that walking in high heels puts the knees under additional strain. Over time, this may potentially lead to osteoarthritis: so-called wear and tear arthritis, where damage to a joint causes stiffness and pain.
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Inactivity 'twice as deadly' as obesity

16 Jan 2015
“Lack of exercise is twice as deadly as obesity,” The Daily Telegraph reports. The headline is prompted by a Europe-wide study on obesity, exercise and health outcomes.
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How therapy and exercise 'may help some with CFS'

15 Jan 2015
"Chronic fatigue syndrome patients' fear of exercise can hinder treatment," The Guardian reports.
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Napping 'key' to babies' memory and learning

14 Jan 2015
"The key to learning and memory in early life is a lengthy nap, say scientists," BBC News reports.
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Does contraceptive jab make HIV more likely?

13 Jan 2015
stack of nespapers "Contraceptive injections moderately increase a woman's risk of becoming infected with HIV," The Guardian reports.
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