Life after cancer

Emotions and relationshipsThis section is about the emotional and practical issues you may face after your treatment ends. For some people, this might mean that no other treatment is needed and they are cured of their cancer. For others, it may mean continuing to live with cancer and the possibility of needing more treatment in the future.

This section is also for you if you’ve completed your initial treatment (known as primary treatment) but are continuing to have treatments to reduce the risk of the cancer coming back, such as hormonal therapies.

You’re likely to feel relieved that your treatment is finished and keen to get back to the life you had before cancer. You may also be thinking about how you can make the most of your health, or about positive changes you can make to the way you live.

The end of treatment may present you with changes and new challenges, and we hope this section helps you begin to recover and make plans.

You may hear the term 'cancer survivor', or perhaps see it written in some of our information. The term 'survivor' includes anyone who is living with or after cancer.

This information is aimed at cancer survivors and may help you discuss any ongoing problems you might have with your doctor or specialist nurse. These may be physical problems, such as the side effects of treatment, or emotional and practical problems.

You now have the chance to look at how you want to live in the future. You may want to do things you’ve often thought about but never done, perhaps visit places you’ve always dreamed about, or enrich personal relationships. This can be exciting, but we understand that you may not feel quite so confident. This section explores some of the concerns, both practical and emotional, which often arise

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Support Groups

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Last updated: 10 September 2014

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