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Am I eligible for the new Scottish Gluten-free Food Service?

You are eligible to use the new Scottish Gluten-free Food Service if you:

  • have a confirmed diagnosis of coeliac disease or dermatitis herpetiformis
  • live in Scotland
  • are registered with a GP practice.

You cannot use this service if you live in a care home but can continue to access your prescription through your GP.

What is the Scottish Gluten-free Food Service?

The Scottish Gluten-free Food Service is an NHS service available through your local pharmacy.

This service allows you to:

  • order and receive gluten-free food without the need to go through your GP.
  • have more control over the amount and type of foods you order each month (up to an agreed amount).


The benefits of this service to you are:

  • the convenience of not having to visit your GP each time you need a prescription
  • more control and variety in your diet
  • the freedom to change your order each month so that you can try different foods
  • reassurance that your gluten-free food unit allocation is what you are entitled to
  • the ability to have an annual health check at your pharmacy to help monitor your condition. This is only available to adults with the condition.


If you are eligible, your GP will inform you about the Scottish Gluten-free Food Service and the amount of gluten-free units available to you.

Your will be asked to complete a registration form and return it to your local pharmacy. The pharmacist will then register you to use this service at their pharmacy and provide you with more information about the service.

After registering, your pharmacist will inform you how to access the food list and order forms.

Gluten-free food list

Each health board has produced a gluten-free food list showing the items available in their area.

You can view these lists through their websites:


Using this list, you will complete a new Gluten-free Requirement Order Form each month selecting products up to an agreed maximum unit amount. You must be careful not to go over your monthly units when ordering.

Download the Gluten-free Requirement Order Form (PDF, 53 KB)

Download the Gluten-free Requirement Oder Form (DOC, 1.6 MB)

Once completed, you must return this form to the pharmacy where you have registered. You will be contacted when your order is ready for collection.

Managing a gluten-free diet

When managing a gluten-free diet, you must be careful to not only avoid gluten-containing foods but also oats and gluten-containing medicines.

Read about living with a gluten-free diet

Annual health check for adults

If you are an adult with coeliac disease, you will be asked by your community pharmacist to undertake an annual coeliac health check.

When taking this health check, your pharmacist will discuss your health in relation to your condition and give you a chance to discuss your concerns. The pharmacist can then put you in touch with the correct healthcare professional should there be any need for further action.

Scottish Gluten-free Food Service resources

NHS Scotland has produced an information pack and information leaflet to provide more information about how to register and use the Scottish Gluten-free Food Service.

Download the Scottish Gluten-free Food Service information pack (PDF, 177 KB)

Download the Scottish Gluten-free Food Service information leaflet (PDF, 76 KB)

Support for people with coeliac disease

Coeliac UK provides more information about coeliac disease and offer help and support to people with the condition.

Visit the Coeliac UK website

Last Updated: 05 May 2016