Health in focus

In this section, you'll find listings for current government and third sector campaigns that aim to raise awareness of health and wellbeing issues.

In focus this month:

Ready for summer

We offer some helpful advice for getting the most out of your summer whilst staying safe.

Care Information Scotland

If you look after someone, need care yourself or are planning for your future care needs, you can get the information and advice you need from Care Information Scotland.

Eat Better Feel Better

Many things get in the way of healthy eating. Tight budgets, lack of time and fussy eaters can all make it feel like a challenge.

Medicines in the NHS in Scotland

People in Scotland can now access new information on medicines.

What matters to you?

In the lead up to Scotland's 'What matters to you?' day, Dementia Carer Voices, managed by the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE) are building a range of multimedia case studies, asking people with dementia and their carers what matters to them.