Health in focus

Eat Better Feel Better can help

Eat Better Feel Better is a Scottish Government campaign designed to help parents and families eat healthier by making small, manageable changes to how they shop, cook and eat.

Getting started

The Eat Better Feel Better website is packed full of resources to help kick start the journey to eating and feeling better. There are top tips to help parents with fussy eaters and quick, simple healthy recipes that won’t break the bank, as well as step by step cook-a-long videos so even a beginner in the kitchen can learn how to cook a delicious meal on a budget from scratch. Busy parents can download free resources like the Eat Better Feel Better meal planner to help plan ahead.

There’s a shopping list maker on the website which is great for planning meals for the week ahead and makes shopping that bit easier. The list maker lets you know what ingredients you need to make Eat Better Feel Better recipes and allows you to add them to your shopping list so you know exactly what you need when you’re at the supermarket.

The Eat Better Feel Better website is also a great resource for finding out what’s going on in your local area including information on cooking classes or community groups that are supporting people on their healthier eating journey.

Small changes count

Making small changes to the way you plan, shop, cook and eat can have a really positive impact on the way you and your family feel. The website is full of tips to get the entire family involved and all of our advice has been guided by real mums across Scotland who know what works when it comes to making healthier choices for their families.

Keep a lookout for Eat Better Feel Better recipes and promotions in your local supermarket.

Visit the Eat Better Feel Better website or explore our Facebook for recipes, tips and details of what’s on in your area.