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Year of Listening

Year of listening 2016

This year is Scotland's Year of Listening (YoL), an initiative promoted by Breathing Space and Living Life, two national mental health telephone services, together with a number of other organisations across Scotland.

The Year of Listening is being launched on Breathing Space Day (1st February) to encourage everyone in Scotland to 'take time to listen today'. Scotland's Year of Listening will raise awareness throughout 2016 that listening, and being listened to, is good for your mental health.

We like to think we are good listeners but are we really listening? Could you be a better listener?

Relationships and friendships, where we feel listened to, can have a huge positive impact on our sense of wellbeing. Being listened to helps us to feel 'connected', contributing to improved feelings of self-worth, self-confidence and happiness. 

So whether you are a friend, parent, spouse, sibling, colleague, carer or neighbour – take time to listen today.

Ways to get involved

There are lots of ways to get involved in the Year of Listening, visit to find out more.