Eczema (varicose)

Symptoms of varicose eczema

The first sign of varicose eczema is mild itchiness of the skin over and around a patch of varicose veins. This becomes speckled, scaly, inflamed and itchy. The skin can turn brown.

Severe skin disease may be caused by vein problems in the leg. This usually occurs near the ankle and may extend onto the foot and as far as the mid-calf. The skin may be brown and feels very hard to the touch.

In some people, red inflammation occurs and can be painful. Doctors call this problem 'lipodermatosclerosis'.


A lesion is an abnormal change in an organ or body tissue because of injury or disease.
An ulcer is a sore break in the skin, or on the inside lining of the body.
Last updated: 04 October 2011

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