What about sports?

You should take time before you take part in any sports after a hip problem. If you take part in sports too soon this may flare up your symptoms again and they may take longer to settle. You should have no swelling and be able to move your hip properly. You should have full or close to full strength and be able to take your weight through your leg without limping. Remember to stretch and warm up fully before sports.

The "Hip problems" PDF in the side panel provides a summary of information found in this section. This can be printed by anyone who has hip problems.




Health A-Z Articles

Find out more about the symptoms and causes of hip specific musculoskeletal disorders and the treatments available.

Self Management Advice

This leaflet provides a summary of information to help with the self management of hip disorders.

Hip problems PDF (475 KB)

Physio exercises PDF 

Last updated: 06 March 2013