Using the NHS

Health Rights

The Charter of Patient Rights and Responsibilities

What is The Charter of Patient Rights and Responsibilities and how does it affect your health rights and the way you use the NHS in Scotland


What to expect when using the NHS in Scotland as a UK passport holder or overseas visitor

Communication and participation

How will the NHS talk to you about your health and involve you in decisions about your care


How can you expect your health records to be used, shared and stored


How should you be treated by staff when using NHS services


How does the NHS in Scotland make sure  you receive safe and effective care

Feedback and complaints

How to have your say about the care you receive and have any concerns dealt with

Information for young people

How do patients rights around consent, confidentiality and feedback affect young people

Information for carers

How do patients rights around consent affect carers

Health rights support

Who to contact for more information and support with health rights

Publications and accessible information

Health rights information is also available in a range of accessible formats:

Patient Opinion

Patient Opinion

Patient Opinion is a platform for patients to share their experiences and stories of using the NHS in Scotland.

Patient advice and support

Patients Advice Scotland

Patient Advice & Support Service (PASS) supports patients, their families and carers to provide feedback to the NHS in Scotland.

Last updated: 10 February 2014