Waiting times


Waiting times basics

What is a waiting time, why are they used and how do they work.

Your rights and responsibilities and waiting times

How do your rights and responsibitlites, when using the NHS, apply to waiting times

The waiting times standards

What guidance and legislation is available for the waiting times service

The waiting times clock

What is the waiting times clock and how does it work

Examples of typical waiting times 

How do waiting times work in practice and why do some people wait longer

Help and support with waiting times

Who to contact if you need help or have questions about waiting times

Patient advice and support

Patients Advice Scotland

Patient Advice & Support Service (PASS) supports patients, their families and carers to provide feedback to the NHS in Scotland.

Patient Opinion

Patient Opinion

Patient Opinion is a platform for patients to share their experiences and stories of using the NHS in Scotland.

Last updated: 04 November 2013